Times Realty Realtor Jason Ng Talks About His Family’s History in Real Estate

Veteran realtor Jason Ng’s story in the real estate sector is one of immense struggle and success. His story has been about overcoming obstacles and making strategic marketplace decisions to build and maintain a business in one of Canada’s most competitive real estate markets.

Jason Ng is the owner of Times Realty in Vancouver and he has built this business along with other successful real estate businesses on Canada’s West Coast. 

Jason Ng’s family left their homes in Hong Kong and immigrated to Vancouver, Canada when he was just 12 years old. He remembers the time they moved fondly as his parents secured a future and a legacy for his family. It was real estate that allowed them to cultivate their dream. 

When discussing what motivated the Ng family to move from Hong Kong to Vancouver, he says, “It was the fear of an uncertain future with the communist regime, and it was also with memories of the cultural revolution that my family decided to leave.” 

During that time in 1988, many residents of Hong Kong decided to up and leave, and Jason Ng’s family was just one of them. 

Little did he and his parents know that their story would be one of success, albeit sacrifice and hard work. 

“I did my high school in Canada,” Jason Ng reminisces. 

After high school, Ng went on to study at Simon Fraser University, where he completed his degree in sociology and added a computer science certificate to his list of accolades. Shortly thereafter, he went on to complete a brief run in system administration. 

Despite the new experiences and credentials, however, Jason Ng decided to follow in his parents footsteps and get started in real estate. 

“It was 1989 when my father acquired his real estate license, shortly after our move to Vancouver,” says Jason Ng. 

His mother also chipped in and helped his father start and grow their new real estate business. 

“I remember my parents working really hard in those initial years,” says Jason Ng. 

At the time Jason Ng’s mother helped his father primarily with the PR and marketing aspects of the business. They both worked in a focused and tireless manner, showing homes, learning about the market and helping their clients. 

According to Jason Ng, Vancouver is one of the best cities in the world. Part of his family’s business success is that they were able to help Chinese immigrants looking for homes in Canada. 

This worked out perfectly in the 1990s when Vancouver saw a massive influx of immigration from Hong Kong and Taiwan. 

“My mother tongue is Cantonese,” says Jason Ng. He says despite speaking Cantonese, he was brought up in the company of Taiwanese clients, and therefore able to learn Mandarin. 

He says this ultimately helped him continue his parents legacy – he is now the owner of Times Realty and sells numerous homes each year.

“I love helping my clients make the best decision.” 


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