Jason Ng of Times Realty Discusses His Lessons in Real Estate

Jason Ng is the successful owner of Times Realty in Vancouver, Canada and has been in the real estate business for decades. In fact, Jason Ng grew up watching his own father run a successful real estate business in the Vancouver area. By observing his own father, he was able to learn the tricks of the trade and go on to open a series of successful real estate operations.

In today’s interview, Jason Ng has agreed to share with us the lessons he learned in the real estate sector as well as how he strategically invested his own time and energy to develop a profitable business that serves happy clients. 

To illustrate the story, according to Jason Ng, we need to start at the beginning: In 1988, Jason Ng’s family immigrated from Hong Kong to set up their own real estate business. That was when Ng began helping his parents as a teen.

“From the very beginning, my sister and I started helping our parents,” says Ng. 

Jason Ng recalls becoming the principal driver for his parents and helping them get to and from real estate deals and meetings with clients. By helping his parents in this way, Ng was able to observe how deals were carried out from an early age. He says these initial experiences were valuable in helping him become the realtor he is today. 

“Since I was part of my dad’s open house showings when I was younger, I gained priceless experience which has helped me provide clients with the best services possible,” says Ng.

Some key lessons that Jason Ng learned from real estate is that commitment and sincerity are both important aspects of being a realtor. These are the top qualities Ng attributes to his parents who have worked tirelessly over the years to build a successful real estate enterprise.

Jason Ng says that it doesn’t matter if he’s helping his own clients or personal friends. He always treats his job as he is doing it for himself. He adds that buying or selling property is serious business because it often constitutes the largest purchase or sale a person can make.

“Buying a home is often the biggest expense somebody can incur,” says Ng. He goes on to say that he takes the unique needs of buyers into consideration and presents them with as much information as possible so that they can make informed decisions.

“We are part of our client’s journeys,” says Jason Ng, “and it’s up to us to ensure that that journey goes as smoothly as possible and that our clients are satisfied with our services at the end of the day.”

When we asked Jason Ng what his priorities were as a realtor, he said that every buyer has their own unique priorities and goals. Most buyers, he says, have a fiscal threshold and usually attempt to establish the best deal that could yield profits in the future.

According to Jason Ng, one of the primary things that you must consider is how easy it will be to sell a property after purchase.

“Nobody wants to purchase a property that will be difficult to dispose of later,” says Jason Ng.


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