Jason Ng from Times Realty Discusses Breaking Into the Real Estate Business

Entering the real estate business without prior experience can be a daunting feat, especially in a competitive marketplace where realtors are vying for new clients and new business.

Luckily for Jason Ng, he grew up in a family of realtors in one of Canada’s hottest real estate markets – Vancouver.

Whilte it wasn’t easy building multiple successful real estate businesses in Canada, Jason Ng says it was his determination to succeed along with the experience he gained from working with his parents that made the difference. His experience growing up in a real estate family gave him the fortitude required to make his real estate dream come true.

As a veteran realtor, Jason Ng has one piece of advice that all budding realtors should take into account: build a solid reputation and give people a good reason to trust you.

“The earlier you get your foot in the door, the better chance you have of succeeding,” says Jason Ng.

Jason Ng remembers when he first learned to drive and it became his job to take his parents to and from meetings with clients. During the process, he was able to watch real estate transactions as they occurred.

“Clients approach us with their hopes and aspirations,” says Jason Ng. He says whether it comes down to selling or buying a home, there are several factors that realtors need to consider. There are also many best practices that they need to follow in order to ensure that their clients are satisfied./p>

Jason Ng says that he does his best to perform an accurate and timely marketplace analysis so that clients know whether they are getting the best deal possible. He also ensures that clients have a good chance of getting a return on their investment, or at least, are able to unload a property if they decide not to keep it.

“Another factor that’s also incredibly important is trust,” says Jason Ng.

Trust in the real estate industry is essential because it’s the key factor that allows you to retain clients and get new clients through word-of-mouth marketing.

Ng says that PR is an important part of being a realtor, and this was often his mother’s job when he was growing up, while his father focused on other aspects of the business.

“Part of being a realtor is being able to have difficult conversations and having the ability to present your clients with the facts,” says Jason Ng.

“Realtors should see the success of their clients as their own and they should be brave enough to have candid discussions.

So, what advice does Jason Ng have for newcomers who want to get started in the real estate industry?

“Take the first step,” he says.

He says that getting qualified to sell real estate in your area is the first step, passing exams is the second, and the rest is just building the muscle of real estate and building a solid reputation.

“Working in real estate can be fun, lucrative and fulfilling,” says Ng.

He encourages newcomers to the profession to be open-minded and to learn as much as possible from the more experienced players.


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